Jérôme FARAILL/3FormMusic : How would you define your style of music ? Paul (Spacehotel) : I centre around what I’d call « alternative electronic rock » that often contains darker lyrics, aggressive guitars and synths and heavier bass and drums driving it along. Though much of the music I’ve released so far hasn’t sounded like that, for example « Rewind 25 » is pure synthpop and « Ride » which is a more traditional pop/rock song. These are more on the fringes of the kind of stuff I mainly do but it’s fun to not be locked in to one specific genre. I really just write for myself so I’m not too concerned with trying to hit a certain genre type consistently, and in any case have always found it hard to define.

INTERVIEW : ROMAIN FAVIÈS – « Insomnie Artistique » –

J’ai eu la chance de découvrir Romain FAVIÈS sur Instagram, et j’ai tout de suite beaucoup aimé ses créations.. L’Auteur est attachant par (entre autres..) sa sincérité et sa Passion pour la Musique mais aussi pour bien d’autres choses.. Interview..